Cruise Control Diet

So if you want to stop, according to onmed Cruise Control Diet James Ward, to envy the summer those abs 'slices' and disappear the ugly life jacket, then follow the tips below and operate guaranteed. Those crunches you do, what exercise is the abdominal beneath the fat layer. If you want to leave the lifejacket, that is, you should apply other tactics that eliminate fat.

What you need is targeted fat loss from a specific area of ​​the body. The most effective approach to drive away the fat around the abdomen is the dynamic workout. The circuit training includes courses escalating intensity exercises, dynamic, aerobic, with machines, with balls, rubber, or the weight of the body, and does not allow breaks between exercises. This type of workout is ideal for burning fat and muscle striation.

The reduction of fat by only 25 grams per day will save 225 calories per day, which translated into 300 grams of weight per week, which will be charged to the greatest extent to the abdomen. Vegetables are important ally in this "war" as IC3 containing substance which increases the testosterone secretion, which in turn contributes to fat burning. Also, reduce fat contribute and fruits such as grapefruit contains pectin.